What is Progesterone?
January 7, 2015 Writing Desk

Many women aren’t even aware of one of the most important hormones in their body. Sometimes trying to do research online can make you can feel even more confused than you did before you started, since there is so much conflicting information out there. Lets break down some simple body and hormone science.

Progesterone is the master female steroid hormone that is produced mostly by the ovaries and in a smaller amount by the adrenal glands. Since it’s the master hormone it is the precursor, or the hormone necessary for the production of many other hormones, two of the really significant ones are, estrogen and testosterone. Testosterone is one of main hormones responsible for sex drive in both men and WOMEN!

Progesterone also is the regulating hormone for estrogens. Your body makes 27 different estrogens while making only one progesterone.

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