How Much Progesterone is Too Much?<br />

How Much Progesterone Should I Use?

While one or two companies online are recommending ultra-high doses of progesterone daily, there is no scientific basis for using this extreme amount (100-500 mg/daily).

Following, is a quote from a website selling a progesterone (Chinese) cream:

For general use and to reverse mild symptoms 100-200mg/day progesterone is needed. If severe problems are experienced 400-500mg/day are needed.

This statement is based on a quote that said:

One study found that using 40mg/day…

“…only low plasma progesterone levels were found (median 2.5 nmol/l)”

Plasma progesterone measurements are not significant, as they measure the bound fraction of a hormone (what is in storage).  Conversely, the significant measure of progesterone levels is a saliva test (what your body is actively using).

Even if a blood was meaningful, why does this not does not justify ultra-high doses of progesterone?

The Key Principle

Supplementing with a hormone is not the same as supplementing, for example, with Vitamin C, where at times, more is better.  This principle of “more is better” does NOT apply to steroid hormone supplementation.

Using this quantity (100-500 mg) of progesterone daily, is risky, as it does not parallel your body’s natural hormone cycles and will result in acute hormone imbalances.  It does, however, enrich the sales of the company making these unfounded claims.

Rather than supplement with ultra-high doses of progesterone, in a desperate attempt to balance high levels of estrogens, reduce the influx of environmental estrogens, while paralleling your body’s normal progesterone production with an optimally formulated progesterone cream, (free of Chinese ingredients).

This long-standing, common-sense approach to hormonal imbalances works in harmony with your biology.  And, it does so, safely.


All the science and all the clinical experience of the past 40+ years, demonstrate that paralleling your body’s normal progesterone productionwhile avoiding environmental estrogens, will allow you achieve the best of health, safely & naturally.

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