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Hello, We are Health Science
Established 1995 – Florida/New York

We are nutritionists

Our passion is to help you achieve the highest quality of health, naturally and without side-effects.

Ergo, Serenity Creams contains the purest, highest quality ingredients.

Our Promise

Since it’s inception in early 1995, Health Science has kept current with all the latest developments in skincare technology, cosmetic sciences and safe, natural ways of balancing hormones.  Serenity Creams have always been the highest quality progesterone cream available, formulated, since 1995, exclusively with “American-made” progesterone.

As science & technology evolve, we continue to keep current with the latest developments and be quickly responsive in implementing improvements to Serenity Progesterone Creams.  All fine-tuning of our cream is always done with the goal of giving you the best possible plant-based, progesterone cream on earth.

In the equation for whether or not one has good health, there may be hundreds of variables to consider. The one constant, predictable portion of the equation are Serenity Progesterone Creams. So, if you are not getting the desired results, it would be good to examine influences from the environment, personal care products and the foods you eat.

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